«Janoshichek Svit», Slovakia

In 1996 The Cultural Centre of the town Svit sustained the tendency to established children’s folk dance group. Its name is Janoshichek. Janoshichek from its beginning works under the lead of Vlasta and Ľubomír Horňákovi.

The collective collects the songs, dances and customs of speciality the Tatras region.

At the present time Janoshichek works like the dance part at Children´s Famous World in Svit, children from 6 to 26 years.

During its existence this folk group is one of outstanding groups of the Tetras region. It had many performances at the various undertakings, festivals and it’s very prosperous on the competitions, too. Till now it represented Slovakia in Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia.

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