«Podpol’anec», Slovakia

The western neighbor of Ukraine Slovakia has a difficult and at the same time an interesting story. Throughout the years, different peoples and states had an influence on its culture, and now the Slovaks are proud of its richness and singularity.

The folklore ensemble «Podpol’anec» was established in 1975 years by secondary school in Detva – the town situated in middle part of Slovakia in region Podpoľanie. At present, «Podpol’anec» consists of three sections: dancing, female singing, musical. The group consists of more than thirty young people who are indifferent to the cultural traditions of their homeland.

«Podpol’anec» has 30 performances per year, overall about 800 performances. It performs at different culture events, folklore festivals, competitions, celebrations. «Podpol’anec» received the most important award in 2000, when the group was winner of state competition of choreography. Belgium, France, Egypt, Italy and many other countries have already fallen in love with «Podpol’anec», and in August, they will have Lviv citizens and city guests.

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