«Ogrenietis», Latvia

Latvia – the largest Baltic country after Lithuania – is famous for its unique architecture, historical monuments and original culture, one of the faces of which is presented by the dance group «Ogrenietis». It was founded in 1999 in Ogre – one of the most wonderful cities of Latvia. During almost twenty years, the group has created plenty of show programs with the original and creative choreography and modern interpretation of Latvian ethnographic dancing, where national folklore is used as a basis for performances. The repertoire of the group is changing – it is disclosing values of national folklore as well as a diversity of dance genre. 

Members of the dance group «Ogrenietis» are investing their time and efforts in keeping Latvian traditional culture and national traditions on a high-quality level and promoting them locally as well as internationally. In last 10 years the dance group «Ogrenietis» has participated in Latvian National Dance Festivals and local competitions, and as well as in international folklore festivals in such countries as Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Macedonia, Italy, and now they are ready to show Latvian dances to Ukrainians at the International Folklore Festival «Etnovyr».

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