«Gruppo Storico Sbandieratori Fivizzano», Italy

Italy is a country located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. For centuries, it attracts foreigners by its interesting history, special atmosphere and rich culture – Italy is a state with the most World Heritage sites.

For 35 years now, thе ensemble «Gruppo Storico Sbandieratori Fivizzano» from Tuscan comune of Fivizzano presents the traditions of Italian folklore all over the world. Their performances have already been seen in France, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Thailand, China, South Africa.

«Gruppo Storico Sbandieratori Fivizzano» will charm Ukrainian audience by its consummate mastery of performing shows with fluorescents flags and battles between two flag throwers who simulate an ancient fight. Do not miss the opportunity to feel the spirit of Italy in Ukraine: just visit Lviv for «Etnovyr» Festival in August.

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