«Nona Asri Indonesia», Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in Oceania and Southeast Asia, which is the largest archipelago in the world. It is distinguished by its ethnocultural diversity, interesting customs and traditions.

In all aspects of Indonesian life, there are components of both religion and mysticism. Music is a traditional way of expressing the thoughts and emotions of the locals. For this reason, most of Indonesian folklore works have musical accompaniment. Many different legends are often told by the means of music, expanding into a real performance.

The art of the peoples of Indonesia is versatile. There we find gamelan – traditional orchestra in Java and Bali (up to 80 members; mostly percussion instruments), as well as kulintang and angklung xylophones. The diverse theatre arts impress the imagination by using bulky (wooden) and flat (leather) dolls that either are shown directly to the audience or are projected by shadows to the clear space from the back of the screen. Wayang orang – a theater of actors wearing wooden masks or no, makes an unforgettable impression.

In summer 2018, the well-known Indonesian group «Nona Asri» will take part in the Annual International Folklore Festival «Etnovyr». The ensemble has already participated in contests and festivals in Australia, Italy, Spain, USA, Turkey, India, China, Canada, Poland, Mexico and many other countries.

The performances of «Nona Asri» are striking from the first seconds, as they are accompanied by a unique style of music and dance. The team members use a variety of instruments that are not usually known to Western culture.

We invite you to get acquainted with the mode of life and traditions of Indonesia this year!

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