«Anilana», Poland

The Folk Dance Group «Anilana» was established in 1970. «Anilana» exists for over 45 years now and represents Poland all over the world inter alia in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Finland, North Korea, Israel, Turkey...

The group counts 40 participants and consists of a folk band, song duets, dancers and soloists. Instrumentation of the folk band includes accordions, clarinet, contrabass, drums and violins.

Magnificent repertoire of the group is focused on original dances from various Polish regions: highlander style, east and west dances and the central Poland. All performances are presented in original costumes. 

Every two years «Anilana» organizes The International Folk Workshops in Łódź. It is a great opportunity to present better Polish culture and traditions.

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