Panghat performing arts group (India)

The Panghat is from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, a state in northwest India. The region is well known for its wide  variety of folk dances - some of which said to have been passed on by Krishna himself. Whether it is to  honour the gods, for weddings or funerals, every ritual, celebration or tribal dance has its own costume, its  typical folk music and traditions. 
Panghat performing arts group present the different kind of 23 dances, choreographed by Dave Chaitanya,  a master of sacred and traditional dances. Above all fun and dynamic, this representation will transport the  audience into the heart of the Gujarat’s authentic traditions. For this first performance in Ukraine, the  troupe will also present a new type of music associated with temple music. This will be a festive occasion:  an effervescence of dance moves, colours and grace which will dazzle the audience.  Established in year 2001.
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