Vocal and choreographic ensemble "Halychyna"

Honored vocal and choreographic ensemble "Halychyna" is one of the oldest teams not only in Lviv, but in all Ukraine. Chuperchuk Yaroslav, the legendary Ukrainian folklorist and choreographer, founded the Ensemble in 1946.  The first ensemble's name was Chornogora that comes from a Carpathian mountain connected with the glory of popular hero Oleksa Dovbush. The recreation of unique standards and inexhaustible riches of vocal and choreographic folklore on stage contributed to the group's success and within a short time, it gained acknowledgement and popularity in our country and abroad. 

In 1963 the ensemble obtained the title "honored". Since that time the ensemble has visited numerous cities of the world. It is difficult to say where it was more successful; the ensemble was excellently perceived everywhere due to its high dancing level and folklore refinement. On the occasion of Lviv's 700th anniversary, in 1956, the ensemble prepared a new large program based on Halychyna region folklore.  That was the reason for changing the group's name to "Halychyna".

And the team still never ceases to amaze and delights with their art. "Halychyna" is a very special ensemble: its participants are singers and dancers at the same time. Its programs attract by virtuosity, spontaneity, beauty, and ability to display all colors of popular art. Some dance performances from the ensemble's repertoire are included the "golden fund" and have become classics of Ukrainian dance. "Pivtorak", "Golubka", "Voloshka", "Chepurnenka" are known and loved not only the Ukrainian audience.

"Halychyna" has participated in different folklore festivals in France, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, USA and Canada, Italy, Portugal etc.In 2000 the ensemble "Halychyna" became a member of the International Council of Organizations of Folk Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF), an authoritative structure that functions under the UNESCO aegis.In 2003 the group became a member of IOV (International Organization of Folk Art).

Artistic director and chief choreographer of the ensemble is Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Oleksiy Bobkiv, the choreographer is Andriy Kiyah and the head of the orchestra is Yuriy Poliovyi.

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