National Folk Dance Company «Herencia Viva», Colombia

Colombia, a country of coffee and emeralds, has attracted travelers from around the world since ancient times. Among them, there were those who hoped to find El Dorado, a mythical city that was flooded with gold and jewels. Although it was only a legend, the incredibly beautiful nature and rich lands of Colombia fascinated many hearts.

The National Folk Dance Company «Herencia Viva» is a non-profit artistic entity that for 25 years has presented Colombian folklore, based on research and adaptation of its culture and traditions. National and international critics have described it as "a group with the most beautiful choreography and a contemporary language that does not abandon the roots of folklore". The mission of the ensemble is to spread Colombian cultural legacy of incalculable value, which is expressed through various forms.

«Herencia Viva» has performed in Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Chile, and soon will visit Ukraine to perform at the International Folklore Festival «Etnovyr».

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