«Andrés Valiente Danzas y Proyecciones Folklóricas de Panamá», Panama

Panama is located on the narrow strip of land that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, linking North and South America. Because of the fact that the country lies at the crossroads of the world's sea routes, that life has always been seething in it, which is reflected in the brightness and versatility of its culture.

Folk group «Andrés Valiente Danzas y Proyecciones Folklóricas de Panamá» has been created in 1995 and it has a repertoire of folk dances from all regions of the Republic of Panama, as well as Indian and Hispanic choreography. The ensemble, which is composed of about 50 people of different ages, is doing its best to preserve the traditions of its country.

With the rhythms of its music «Andrés Valiente Danzas y Proyecciones Folklóricas de Panamá» inflamed the audiences in Belgium, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina and Ecuador. Very soon, thanks to the International Folklore Festival «Etnovyr», Ukraine will join this list!
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