Academic folklore group «Ozara», Slovenia

Slovenia is a country located in southern Central Europe in the Eastern Alps. It is the westernmost state in the Balkans. The country is known for its unique nature, the Škocjan Caves which are present in UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites, the Triglav National Park and the oldest vine in the world in Maribor.

A large number of folk groups represents folklore of the country. Among them is the Academic folk dance group «Ozara» from Kranj has been keeping and sharing Slovenian dances, music, and songs for over 66 years. It is recognized as one of the best and most authentic Slovenian folklore groups. Therefore, it is not surprising that «Ozara» performed not only in Slovenia but also in Portugal, Switzerland, the Philippines, South America and many other parts of the world.

Everyone can enjoy the performance of the Academic folk dance group «Ozara» at the International Folklore Festival «Etnovyr» from August 21st.

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