«Viducis», Latvia

Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Latvia has the oldest flag in the world after the Danish one. Riga, the capital of Latvia, was founded more than 800 years ago and is well-known by its architectural and historical monuments like Riga Cathedral (XIII s.), Riga Castle (XIV s.), St. Peter's Church (XIII s.), and many others.

Nearby this picturesque place, in the town of Jaunolaine in 2014, the admirers of Latvian culture founded the folklore group «Viducis». The ensemble actively performs in Latvia, as well as participates in international festivals. Its extremely rich repertoire shows the values ​​of folk art and the diversity of dance genres of the Baltic country.
Already in August folklore group «Viducis» will show Latvian dances to the Ukrainian public at the International Folklore Festival «Etnovyr».

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